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CES is the world's largest trade show for all those who thrive on the business of technology and innovation. Not surprisingly we will be there  !

You are a distributor, a journalist, or an investor ? You are concerned by automotive innovation? You are looking for a wizzard full of Artificial Intelligence for your company ? Book a meeting with the TeamTchek



Tchek is the first scanner that scans car's body of all vehicles

This is NOT a machine, it's even more! 

In a world of sharing economy, we need an independent third-party. Tchek is an intelligent wizard who assists automotive professionals by automatically inspecting the bodywork of a vehicle.

In less than 5 seconds, the vehicle is inspected from all sides, to be sold, rented, shown online or shared.  Each Smart City will be fitted by several Tchek to secure car-sharing. Tchek captures all the damage present in order to analyze them. Pioneer in the automotive field, Tchek uses a combination of image processing and artificial intelligence.  


    Winner of numerous renowned competitions, Tchek provides the best of automotive inspection.

    The Best.



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